Alaura Grey returns with her massive natural twins

Always the gentleman, Donnie presents lovely Alaura Grey with flowers he personally picked off her front lawn. They were going to go out and do the town but things don’t work out that way. Donnie is in awe of Alaura’s fantastic figure and super-natural we all are. She’s dressed to show off her terrific body in a tight tube dress. It’s a pleasure to look at Alaura and her amazing tits which are rated M for massive, majestic and magnificent. Donnie has to bury his face between Alaura’s breasts and help her out of her brassiere. She’s impossible to resist and her twin wonders must be released. Her nipples always seem to be hard. He pulls his pants down and Alaura leans forward to give him head and a tit-fucking that makes his cock vanish between her vast cleavage. Pulling off Alaura’s dress, Donnie positions her for a hard boning from behind, her dangling boobs shaking with every thrust.

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