Autumn-Jade Cream In Your Jeans


Autumn’s our ‘Bama bluejean babe. When she starts shakin’ her sweet thing, our balls go ding-a-ling. When she drops in to SCORE HQ for a shoot, you can hear the sound of nutsacks exploding. Can ya blame us? Just the thought of seeing the fantastic floppers of Miss Autumn-Jade is more than a reason for us to beat our meat. In fact, there are holes in the men’s room wall from the spunk smacking the tiles. But Autumn doesn’t let all this attention go to her head. “I just like making guys feel good, and if you wanna see my titties you all just ask,” Autumn tells us. Well, we did, and Autumn delivered. Here’s an A-J striptease that’ll make you launch a load in your Levi’s. So come on down!  autumn-jade-cream-in-your-jeans02 autumn-jade-cream-in-your-jeans03 autumn-jade-cream-in-your-jeans04 autumn-jade-cream-in-your-jeans05 autumn-jade-cream-in-your-jeans06 autumn-jade-cream-in-your-jeans07 autumn-jade-cream-in-your-jeans08 autumn-jade-cream-in-your-jeans09 autumn-jade-cream-in-your-jeans10 autumn-jade-cream-in-your-jeans11 autumn-jade-cream-in-your-jeans12 autumn-jade-cream-in-your-jeans13 autumn-jade-cream-in-your-jeans14 autumn-jade-cream-in-your-jeans15 autumn-jade-cream-in-your-jeans16 autumn-jade-cream-in-your-jeans17

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