Keeping Fit With Sexy Baby Cheryl Blossom

We’ll get to see how lovely Voluptuous covergirl Cheryl keeps her beautiful, young body in supple shape. A workout ball is one of the tools that keep Cheryl bouncing.
There’s no need to leave the apartment to go to a gym. Cheryl’s fitness station is set up. She takes off her top and sits on the ball dressed in her booty-hugging shorts, “Sexy Baby” bikini-style top and workout socks. Dressing like that at the gym would be mass distraction anyway.
Cheryl bounces, bends, stretches and does neck rolls. She holds her breasts in her hands as she bounces and the motion sends her boobs flying out of her top. Keeping fit is hard work. Cheryl is getting warm so she cools down by drinking some water and pouring some on her hot tits. Watch Full Scene at Scoreland

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