Autumn-Jade in a summer blue dress


They say that there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues, but after we spent the day outside lensing Autumn, we just have to disagree. In fact, Autumn seems to have found the cure for the anytime blues. As Autumn demonstrates quite effectively, just about any kind of female blues can pretty much be made to dissappear as soon as she finds herself convulsing with a massive orgasm. What else helps? At least in Autumn’s case, whenever possible, being outdoors. Boys, it’s shaping up to be one hot summer with the Alabama Slamma.  autumn-jade-in-a-summer-blue-dress03 autumn-jade-in-a-summer-blue-dress05 autumn-jade-in-a-summer-blue-dress07 autumn-jade-in-a-summer-blue-dress08 autumn-jade-in-a-summer-blue-dress10 autumn-jade-in-a-summer-blue-dress13 autumn-jade-in-a-summer-blue-dress14 autumn-jade-in-a-summer-blue-dress16

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