Bridgette B and The Negotiator


With Johnny Sins out of commission, all of Bridgette B’s carefully crafted plans are out the window, leaving her stuck with a loaded weapon and a bank full of hostages! The fuzz send in their expert negotiator Toni Ribas to talk the gun-toting hottie down, but Bridgette makes his job easy as pie by only demanding one thing: that he fuck her hard! Toni’s only too happy to oblige, fucking her face, her big beautiful titties, and her tight pussy all over the bank vault. But freaky Bridgette isn’t content with just getting her twat fucked, and after her pussy has had its fill, she spreads her juicy ass cheeks to take Toni’s cock balls deep in her gorgeous shapely assbridgette-b-and-the-negotiator02 bridgette-b-and-the-negotiator05 bridgette-b-and-the-negotiator07 bridgette-b-and-the-negotiator08 bridgette-b-and-the-negotiator14

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