Bridgette B. fucks a BBC


I’m Bridgette B. and I demand that you watch as a real man fucks me. You, however, get to sit back and watch as your queen/mistress/goddess plays with a huge black cock that easily dwarfs your little white one. I want you to wear this male chastity device and better not hear any bitching or moaning from you. In fact, I’m going to be moaning while I worship Lexington Steele’s big black cock. That huge piece of black meat is gonna fuck my mouth while you pray that I give you a sympathy blow….I won’t. Grab your little cock and jerk off while Lex treats my pussy to every inch he carries between his legs. that big black cock found my sweet spot-you know, that place you could never, ever find- and Lex continued to cram my fuck box. Every thrust of his big black cock brings me closer to an orgasm that you, nor your money, could ever bring me. Now, I demand that you clean the creamy mess that big black cock left on me. Get your bib, faggot boy! 04bridgette-b-fucks-a-bbc 06bridgette-b-fucks-a-bbc 08bridgette-b-fucks-a-bbc 10bridgette-b-fucks-a-bbc 12bridgette-b-fucks-a-bbc 18bridgette-b-fucks-a-bbc 20bridgette-b-fucks-a-bbc 22bridgette-b-fucks-a-bbc 24bridgette-b-fucks-a-bbc 26bridgette-b-fucks-a-bbc 28bridgette-b-fucks-a-bbc 30bridgette-b-fucks-a-bbc

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