Diary of a Nanny featuring Aaliyah Love & Ava Addams


Aaliyah got herself wet while washing the dishes. Johnny walks in on her changing her shirt and gets excited and starts getting undressed too. He’s under the impression that she’s agreed to partake in a threesome that he and his wife have discussed. Ava walks in a little upset to see both their shirts off and Aaliyah lets her know what’s happened. Luckily Christmas has come early for Johnny and he can’t wait to open his present. 02diary-of-a-nanny-featuring-aaliyah-love-ava-addams 03diary-of-a-nanny-featuring-aaliyah-love-ava-addams 04diary-of-a-nanny-featuring-aaliyah-love-ava-addams 05diary-of-a-nanny-featuring-aaliyah-love-ava-addams 06diary-of-a-nanny-featuring-aaliyah-love-ava-addams 07diary-of-a-nanny-featuring-aaliyah-love-ava-addams 08diary-of-a-nanny-featuring-aaliyah-love-ava-addams 09diary-of-a-nanny-featuring-aaliyah-love-ava-addams 10diary-of-a-nanny-featuring-aaliyah-love-ava-addams 11diary-of-a-nanny-featuring-aaliyah-love-ava-addams 12diary-of-a-nanny-featuring-aaliyah-love-ava-addams

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