Morgan Leigh amd Summer Sinn Sweater Stretchers


The power of big tits in tight tops switches the male brain to stupid mode. This is a scientific fact that has been proven with brainwave scans and MRIs. This pictorial, Sweater Stretchers, dramatizes this phenomenon. Summer Sinn and Morgan Leigh spend an hour in the SCORE Studio trying on sweaters and tight tops. Which one do you like? They’re all sexy. Summer tells Morgan that she’s gotten horny from all the boobies display and the feel of the fabric against her nipples. She asks Morgan to walk with her to the warehouse where one of the hired studs is unloading boxes of magazines for a few extra bucks on a slow day. Summer hits him up and asks him if he has the time to take a few photos back at the studio. No one in his right mind would say no to that indecent proposal. Summer wants Morgan to stay and watch.morgan-leigh-amd-summer-sinn-sweater-stretchers03 morgan-leigh-amd-summer-sinn-sweater-stretchers05 morgan-leigh-amd-summer-sinn-sweater-stretchers11 morgan-leigh-amd-summer-sinn-sweater-stretchers

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