Poolside Pleasure with Tiffany Towers


Tiffany Towers oozes sex appeal in this teal outfit that looks more like a few scraps of material dangling from her body. She gives the camera a look laced with intensity and sexual ferocity that should make your cock strain against the seams of your pants. And while some models play up to the camera, Tiffany’s smoldering sexuality is real and the reason she decided to model in the first place. You would be hard-pressed to find another model who loves all the nuances of sex like she does. “”I like everything! I like giving blow-jobs, getting my pussy eaten, sex kissing…I love it all!” Tiffany told us. “I love to have my pussy eaten, but I do get really turned on giving head. It feels really good having something as powerful as a cock in my mouth! A cock doesn’t taste like anything. It’s just knowing that the guy’s getting off, and that you’re getting off sucking him, and knowing that you’re getting him off. It’s a real turn-on.” poolside-pleasure-with-tiffany-towers02 poolside-pleasure-with-tiffany-towers05 poolside-pleasure-with-tiffany-towers06 poolside-pleasure-with-tiffany-towers08 poolside-pleasure-with-tiffany-towers09 poolside-pleasure-with-tiffany-towers13 poolside-pleasure-with-tiffany-towers17 poolside-pleasure-with-tiffany-towers31 poolside-pleasure-with-tiffany-towers42 poolside-pleasure-with-tiffany-towers46 poolside-pleasure-with-tiffany-towers53 poolside-pleasure-with-tiffany-towers58 poolside-pleasure-with-tiffany-towers61 poolside-pleasure-with-tiffany-towers65 poolside-pleasure-with-tiffany-towers74

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