All natural Samanta Lily bikini shower

We thought it might be nice to see what Samanta looked like in one of our classic tiny bikini tops, so we got one for her and not only did she do the bikini top justice, but she served up a heaping helping of huge tits justice for all of us.all-natural-samanta-lily-bikini-shower1 all-natural-samanta-lily-bikini-shower8 all-natural-samanta-lily-bikini-shower14


This is the second part of this truly incredible photo shoot with Samanta, in which she wore this preposterously sexy and super-tiny blue string bikini, and the good news is that it was absolutely no match for her giant juggs, as you can plainly see!all-natural-samanta-lily-bikini-shower4 all-natural-samanta-lily-bikini-shower7 all-natural-samanta-lily-bikini-shower12


Samanta is back for the third and final set from her “Bikini Shower” shoot and, she has saved the very best for last, as she wets down and soaps up those monster all-natural big boobs and then presses them up and down against the shower door and… all-natural-samanta-lily-bikini-shower-4 all-natural-samanta-lily-bikini-shower9 all-natural-samanta-lily-bikini-shower-12

Continue to full gallery set 1 HERE

Continue to full gallery set 1 HERE

Continue to full gallery set 1 HERE

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