Ava Addams naughty customer service worker


Ava Addams is head of customer service. She gets a complaint letter in the mail telling her how much her company sucks. The letter also tells Ava to go fuck herself with the dildo that the customer included. Ava decides why not and starts furiously masturbating with said dildo. Her co-worker walks in on Ava fucking herself and Ava decides that her co-workers cock would be a better fuck tool than the complaint dildo.
03ava-addams-naughty-customer-service-worker 04ava-addams-naughty-customer-service-worker 05ava-addams-naughty-customer-service-worker 06ava-addams-naughty-customer-service-worker 07ava-addams-naughty-customer-service-worker 08ava-addams-naughty-customer-service-worker 09ava-addams-naughty-customer-service-worker 10ava-addams-naughty-customer-service-worker 11ava-addams-naughty-customer-service-worker 12ava-addams-naughty-customer-service-worker 01ava-addams-naughty-customer-service-worker

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