Roxi Red is the great natural marvel


During a SCORELAND meeting, a staffer said what everyone was probably thinking. In time, Roxi Red will be considered one of the, if not the, greatest naturals in big-bust history. This pinktorial started off as a sexy outfit modeling show but after a few minutes, a totally naked and barefooted Roxi falls into bed and puts on a completely different kind of show. “I’m definitely going to watch this later,” said Roxi to our photographer when this shoot was over. “It turns me on to see myself. I like to have sex with myself when I watch my own videos. What do you think about that?” We think that’s pretty hot. What’s your favorite Roxi scene, SCORELAND Guy?roxi-red-is-the-great-natural-marvel07 roxi-red-is-the-great-natural-marvel09 roxi-red-is-the-great-natural-marvel10 roxi-red-is-the-great-natural-marvel11

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  1. Paul says:

    Ur amazing there amazing I would do anything for them

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