Alexya in the shower


Slipped into skintight jeans and a tank top over a bra, Alexya enters the picture to pull her magic on any guy who looks at her. And then she basically owns him. Alexya is prettier than most major movie stars and has a much better body. Any Hollywood actress or fashion model stacked up against her in a face and figure contest would have a tough time of it. Shedding her hot chick outfit (this girl knows how to dress), Alexya enters the shower with her sponge and her body wash gel and gets busy. It was a good day when Alexya accepted an invitation to model at SCORE. The requests to see more of her with various scene ideas continue to come in. The most-basic of these requests is seeing Alexya naked and barefoot. This shower scene fits that bill. alexya-in-the-shower02 alexya-in-the-shower03 alexya-in-the-shower04 alexya-in-the-shower05 alexya-in-the-shower06 alexya-in-the-shower07 alexya-in-the-shower08 alexya-in-the-shower09 alexya-in-the-shower10 alexya-in-the-shower11 alexya-in-the-shower12 alexya-in-the-shower13 alexya-in-the-shower14 alexya-in-the-shower15 alexya-in-the-shower16

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