Antonella Kahllo in bikini at the pool


It may be the dead of winter and bitter cold outside, but we have something sweet and sexy to warm you up and give you that hot summer feeling as 32J Antonella Kahllo returns with her incredible all-natural big tits and incandescent sex appeal, and wraps it all up in a poolside bikini!

Hot babes with huge boobs wearing tiny bikinis is one of our long-running specialties here at PinupFiles and Antonella proudly continues that tradition in fine style as she brings her sizzling smile and lets her playful personality shine through in each and every shot. 
Thank you Antonella, for making our winter days so much warmer and brighter, and we look forward to seeing much more of you!  antonella-kahllo-in-bikini-at-the-pool-fe5de778d21f7df232814421cc8e525e antonella-kahllo-in-bikini-at-the-pool-b282b7d9c3dbde03e1603dbdda46f7be antonella-kahllo-in-bikini-at-the-pool-afa1ffd31f615e13096fbc48c413d60d antonella-kahllo-in-bikini-at-the-pool-8147893d055ec17a7ae40cae13fa8b84 antonella-kahllo-in-bikini-at-the-pool-0f338c71c02586b6a5868df6431d6272 antonella-kahllo-in-bikini-at-the-pool-5e865ae5b7de12dfc708babddbdc593f antonella-kahllo-in-bikini-at-the-pool-4c41b6dcb17bb4b3e0a5afc06ad4ac7d antonella-kahllo-in-bikini-at-the-pool-732bc7dd4b8d413a04bc5417f9096413 antonella-kahllo-in-bikini-at-the-pool-319decc29fe522abef469afebbffe613 antonella-kahllo-in-bikini-at-the-pool-ebf000a6dbf65da8f5376b21b26617bd antonella-kahllo-in-bikini-at-the-pool-3e54a87c405c5242256b40d971471b9b

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