Babes & Bikes Special with Karina Hart

Hot and busty girls posing with cool motorcycles go together like two tits in a bra. We don’t do many of these kinds of shoots but when we do, look out. It’s rare that any bike enthusiasts or bike shops offer to lend their wheels for the cause and we don’t know many riders so SCORE motorcycle shoots happen maybe once a year, if at all. We put together this Babes & Bikes Special with Karina Hart and Merilyn Sakova because every guy likes to see a spectacular doll straddle a crotch rocket between her hot legs. Amy Anderssen and Scarlet LaVey recently shot bike sets and videos at the SCORE garage. Here we check out the legendary Karina Hart. One of our photographers in Europe knew a Harley-Davidson man who owns an ultra-cool man-cave. He was happy to let Karina polish his ride, and then crank up the heat levels to oven-level temperatures! 
Watch Video Scene

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