Denise Milani and Jaime Hammer at the beach


So we finally got the photos from Denise & Jaime’s trip to the beach up at PinupGlam today! We were so fixated on the awesome HD video of these ladies that we forgot we had some pretty sweet photos as well. Ever since we debuted the amazing HD videos of these gals having their day at the beach together, we kept getting requests for photos from it, so we’re only too happy to oblige everyone who asked and thank you for your patience as we bring you the first set of terrific candid-style photos of these gorgeous ladies. Denise and Jaime have never looked hotter or more jaw-droppingly amazing than they do here so come inside and check these awesome busty babes out! denisemilani-jaimehammer-set02-03 denisemilani-jaimehammer-set02-04 denisemilani-jaimehammer-set02-06 denisemilani-jaimehammer-set02-07 denisemilani-jaimehammer-set02-09 denisemilani-jaimehammer-set02-11 denisemilani-jaimehammer-set02-12 denisemilani-jaimehammer-set02-13 denisemilani-jaimehammer-set02-14 denisemilani-jaimehammer-set02-15 denisemilani-jaimehammer-set02-19 denisemilani-jaimehammer-set02-20 denisemilani-jaimehammer-set02-22 denisemilani-jaimehammer-set02-24 denisemilani-jaimehammer-set02-26 denisemilani-jaimehammer-set02-27 denisemilani-jaimehammer-set02-28 denisemilani-jaimehammer-set02-29 denisemilani-jaimehammer-set02-32 denisemilani-jaimehammer-set02-33 denisemilani-jaimehammer-set02-34

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