Jordan Carver in a stripe bikini gets wet


32H Jordan Carver is back once again with us, this time making her FULL official PinupFiles/PinupGlam debut! Back in January when she made her initial photos-only teaser debut with us, she was nothing short of a sensational knockout and now she’s back and making her full debut with full resolution photos, behind-the-scenes candids and sexy HD videos all month long. jordan-carver-in-a-stripe-bikini-gets-wet-2 One other very nice thing to note is that Jordan recently got measured by a proper bra fitting establishment and as it turns out, she had her bra size wrong this whole time — instead of a G, she actually topped out at an H-cup! So when you have a gorgeous gal like Jordan with knockout knockers and an equally alluring body, then you have no choice but to put her in the tiniest, sexiest bikini you can find and that’s what we did. jordan-carver-in-a-stripe-bikini-gets-wet-3 As it so happened, that very bikini was also of the red, white and blue variety and her full debut also just happened to coincide with the 4th of July… so there you have it! Perfect synergy. And the stunningly sexy, bikini-clad Jordan Carver, all oiled up and ready for you! Have a fabulous 4th and we hope your holiday is every bit as fantastic as Jordan is. 🙂  jordan-carver-in-a-stripe-bikini-gets-wet-4 jordan-carver-in-a-stripe-bikini-gets-wet-5 jordan-carver-in-a-stripe-bikini-gets-wet-6 jordan-carver-in-a-stripe-bikini-gets-wet-7 jordan-carver-in-a-stripe-bikini-gets-wet-8 jordan-carver-in-a-stripe-bikini-gets-wet-9 jordan-carver-in-a-stripe-bikini-gets-wet-10 jordan-carver-in-a-stripe-bikini-gets-wet-11 jordan-carver-in-a-stripe-bikini-gets-wet-12 jordan-carver-in-a-stripe-bikini-gets-wet-13 jordan-carver-in-a-stripe-bikini-gets-wet-14 jordan-carver-in-a-stripe-bikini-gets-wet-15

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