Mature Claudia KeAloha pleasing her man


Claudia KeAloha is very sweet, treating JMac to a tray of fancy cookies but JMac is not interested in those cookies. He’s very interested in her cookie and her big cakes. Claudia is wearing sexy bedroom lingerie and high heels when she walks into the mirrored living room where he waits and what he wants is Claudia. Claudia is an athlete studying Muay Thai and tit-man JMac works out so this is going to be a very high-energy fuck with positions that need flexibility and strength such as carrying and pile-driving. Not too many guys can fuck a girl he’s lifting up off the ground. Claudia is up for this kind of dirty dancing and dirty talking. She has a talent for both! Claudia’s big tits have made him hungry but not for pastries. “I never find my size when I buy bras,” bemoans the very slim and stacked brunette. “I like bras that are reminiscent of the pin-up era. I buy them where I can find them.   mature-claudia-kealoha-pleasing-her-man02 mature-claudia-kealoha-pleasing-her-man04 mature-claudia-kealoha-pleasing-her-man06 mature-claudia-kealoha-pleasing-her-man08

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