Katie Thornton getting her big boobs out for some sun


Manchester babe Katie Thornton says the best part of her body is her boobs. Second best is her legs. Every guy who checks Katie out will have a different opinion. We look at Katie as the total package, head to toes. Katie says she attracts more girls than men. Yes, Katie swears it. “Girls will come over to me and ask if they can please touch my boobs. I tell them, ‘Yeah, go for it.'” Katie likes it. She likes women, likes to hang out with them and party with them and she also likes sex with the right girls. “I just feel closer with women. katie-thornton-getting-her-big-boobs-out-for-some-sun04 katie-thornton-getting-her-big-boobs-out-for-some-sun08 katie-thornton-getting-her-big-boobs-out-for-some-sun10 katie-thornton-getting-her-big-boobs-out-for-some-sun11

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