Minka trying out more sexy tops

minka-trying-out-more-sexy-tops01 In part two of Minka’s March ’09 SCORE pictorial, the world’s #1 Asian Mega-Boobed Superheroine tries on more titty-tops and leaves them stretched out, if not all of them ripped at the seams. L.H. emails to say that “Minka’s melons are huge and full but what turns me on is her nipple size, hardness and how erect they protrude into space. When walking down the street, it is just great to see a bulging T-shirt approaching with two cherry-like nodules sticking further out from the two swishing bulges unhindered under the T-shirt. Just how does Minka get her nipples big and hard when so many models’ nipples are flat and flaccid? Can Minka tell us what stimulates her so much that her nipples become outstanding? Are there exercises, creams or cold ice? Or is it the traditional, old, plain sucking on them that makes her nipples stand to attention? It gets my attention. Big erect nipples show that there is an erotic mind behind the breasts and we know there is one behind Minka’s.”  minka-trying-out-more-sexy-tops05 minka-trying-out-more-sexy-tops06 minka-trying-out-more-sexy-tops09 minka-trying-out-more-sexy-tops12

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