Sandra Star in “The Working Man’s Ultimate Fantasy”


“The Working Man’s Ultimate Fantasy” or how I got to screw Sandra Star while screwing in a light bulb. Dellon may be Mr. Electrician but it’s Sandra who sets off the sparks and has the power. Called over to Sandra’s place to fix a lamp, this electrician gets shocked by the sight of beautiful, busty Sandra and her jaw-dropping figure. Work done, Mr. Electrician gets called over by Sandra and invited to share couch space with her. She drops her dress and shows him what she’s got, almost shorting out his circuitry. He’s more jolted than if he had stuck his screwdriver in a live outlet. More sparks fly when Sandra invites him to fuck her right there on the couch. After playing with her big tits and getting the pleasure of a Sandra Star sucking, he licks her out and gets pussy-drunk on her snatch juices.  sandra-star-in-the-working-mans-ultimate-fantasy04 sandra-star-in-the-working-mans-ultimate-fantasy05 sandra-star-in-the-working-mans-ultimate-fantasy06 sandra-star-in-the-working-mans-ultimate-fantasy07 sandra-star-in-the-working-mans-ultimate-fantasy14

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