Kerry Marie & Linsey Dawn McKenzie: Bras & Panties Outdoors

This set of Linsey and Kerry was one of many pictorials shot at a villa in Algarve, Spain during a large SCORE photo shoot in April of 1999 that included Jessica Turner, Annette Christianson, Lorna Morgan, Jade, Adele Stephens and Teresa May. The set was like a huge, mostly British sorority house of big-boobed beauties. That week resulted in many magazine sets and two videos, On Location Portugal and Busty Euro Babes. For a change of pace, Linsey and Kerry wore bras and panties at the beginning of this shoot instead of swimsuits. “Sunbathing in my backyard is the only way I can wear a bathing suit back home,” Kerry said in 2003 during a visit to SCORE’s studio in America. “I don’t go sunbathing at my home beach. I attract too much attention. It’s just not worth the hassle. I can’t be bothered with it. But it’s not so much the guys coming up to me and staring at me, it’s the girls as well.

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