Katie Thornton in white lingerie


One thousand times more beautiful (with a more beautiful body) than any Hollywood actress, Katie Thornton would be tough competition in any professional beauty contest but she chose big-bust modeling of the nude kind and we’re grateful. If there was an action figure doll of her, we’d buy it. The girl from Colne, Lancashire England and owner of a beauty salon says she has the soul of a gypsy and the heart of a hippie and calls herself a passport stamp collector. She’s always travelling and whenever she’s heading to Miami, she never fails to let SCORE know she’s on her way. This time, Katie gets lacey in a swanky Miami house and as always, Katie rules. A celebrity in the UK, SCORE‘s doing its part to make Katie better known in the USA. She deserves a lot more attention.  katie-thornton-in-white-lingerie02 katie-thornton-in-white-lingerie03 katie-thornton-in-white-lingerie04 katie-thornton-in-white-lingerie05 katie-thornton-in-white-lingerie06 katie-thornton-in-white-lingerie07 katie-thornton-in-white-lingerie08 katie-thornton-in-white-lingerie09 katie-thornton-in-white-lingerie10 katie-thornton-in-white-lingerie11 katie-thornton-in-white-lingerie12 katie-thornton-in-white-lingerie13 katie-thornton-in-white-lingerie14 katie-thornton-in-white-lingerie15 katie-thornton-in-white-lingerie16

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