Roxi Red in green exposes her massive natural boobs


So glad to see Roxi Red back with her superhumanly-large tits! Seriously, how does a woman with her proportions exist? Her tit-to-waist ratio is insane! That’s why Roxi is in “The 20 Club.” They are fantasy girls with chest measurements that exceed their waist measurements by 20 inches or higher. Other 20 Club members include Minka, Elizabeth Starr, Kayla Kleevage and Miosotis. Not too many girls get in. Roxi likes to dine out, shop, have a lot of sex and clean her house. Sounds pretty domesticated. Is Roxi looking for a husband? She never says but any candidate would have to be able to lift and carry her heavy hangers without getting a hernia. And that’s just for starters. Roxi looks so unbelievable in a tight cardigan and tight skirt that it almost seems a shame she gets naked. Almost!¬†roxi-red-in-green-exposes-her-massive-natural-boobs04 roxi-red-in-green-exposes-her-massive-natural-boobs05 roxi-red-in-green-exposes-her-massive-natural-boobs11 roxi-red-in-green-exposes-her-massive-natural-boobs14

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