Tiffany Towers’s huge boobs at a balcony


One of the greatest things about Tiffany Towers is that she embodies everything good about slim ‘n’ stacked models. And that is very obvious in this pink lingerie on the balcony. You get to see how tiny her waist is in proportion to her bust, especially in the first couple of shots. Not only does this lace bra look amazing stretched over Tifanny’s FFF-cup globes, but it also looks great framing her hard nipples as they peak over the edges of the lace. Another great perk about slim ‘n’ stacked models is that they look amazing from behind, like Tiffany does, with their boobs framing their back. tiffany-towerss-huge-boobs-at-a-balcony08 tiffany-towerss-huge-boobs-at-a-balcony101 tiffany-towerss-huge-boobs-at-a-balcony109 tiffany-towerss-huge-boobs-at-a-balcony111 tiffany-towerss-huge-boobs-at-a-balcony112 tiffany-towerss-huge-boobs-at-a-balcony113 tiffany-towerss-huge-boobs-at-a-balcony24 tiffany-towerss-huge-boobs-at-a-balcony31 tiffany-towerss-huge-boobs-at-a-balcony47 tiffany-towerss-huge-boobs-at-a-balcony58 tiffany-towerss-huge-boobs-at-a-balcony66 tiffany-towerss-huge-boobs-at-a-balcony67 tiffany-towerss-huge-boobs-at-a-balcony70 tiffany-towerss-huge-boobs-at-a-balcony84 tiffany-towerss-huge-boobs-at-a-balcony91

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