Alex Black & Harmony Reigns temple of Venus

Queen Harmony Reigns, or Cleo, as her close chums call her, reigns over her patch of heaven, and when the Emperor is away, Cleo will play at the temple of Venus. Her highness has her wine and her favorite slave girl, Alex. This slinky brunette attends to her mistress in every way, including nipple kissing and sticking her tongue up the royal hoo-ha, especially when the lord is out of town pillaging.

Skilled in the “Ars Amatoria,” the art of love, The Queen needs lots of erotic attention. After tasting her latest vintage from her vineyards, she now wants her sultry slave girl to taste her pink rose. Alex is just getting started tonguing the royal poontang when Max, the Emperor, shows up unexpectedly. But the show’s not over for our lovely Empress Harmony.

Not wanting a mad Max on her dainty hands, Harmony explains that the girl is a gift for her lord and she was merely warming Alex up for the mighty monarch of mammaries. With his royal scepter and Roman hands, Max blesses his sexy… Watch Full Scene at Scoreland

Watch Full Scene at Scoreland

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