Autumn-Jade as a French maid


Re-mastered for web-viewing, the SCORE classic Ultimate Autumn-Jade was the third in the “Ultimate” series of DVDs that included Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Dawn Stone, Summer Sinn, Julia Miles, Cherry Brady, Alexis May, Susie Wilden and Annie Swanson. Each movie featured a solo, a girl-girl and a guy-girl. In Autumn’s solo, she’s a sexy, overflowing maid who rarely cleans and spends the 30 minutes flinging her 34I-cups around the bedroom and plugging herself with a big toy in addition to other housekeeping chores. She loved thick dildos and was very limber and flexible. Her day of work done, Autumn-Jade invites you into the shower and she still has a lot of energy to burn. Off-camera and off-stage, Autumn-Jade kept a low profile. “I dress very conservatively in public. I don’t show my boobs much. In high school, I wore big shirts, actually. I was very embarrassed so I always tried to cover them up. autumn-jade-as-a-french-maid02 autumn-jade-as-a-french-maid03 autumn-jade-as-a-french-maid04 autumn-jade-as-a-french-maid05 autumn-jade-as-a-french-maid06 autumn-jade-as-a-french-maid07 autumn-jade-as-a-french-maid08 autumn-jade-as-a-french-maid09 autumn-jade-as-a-french-maid10 autumn-jade-as-a-french-maid11 autumn-jade-as-a-french-maid12 autumn-jade-as-a-french-maid13 autumn-jade-as-a-french-maid14 autumn-jade-as-a-french-maid15 autumn-jade-as-a-french-maid16 autumn-jade-as-a-french-maid17

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