Big natural babes Gianna Michaels and Terry Nova in paradise


Gianna and Terry Nova were in high hooter heaven during Big-Boob Paradise week. This special was shot on the island of Eleuthera in The Bahamas and led to two DVDs, Big-Boob Paradise and On Location Big-Boob Paradise. The girls’ fascination with each other’s mouthwatering tits knew no limits. Dave was there to capture the week editorially while the photo crew (four photographers) worked their magic. “I really had a good time in Eleuthera with all those beautiful girls,” Terry said about this trip, her first out of the States. “I’m just the kind of person who appreciates beauty in other people. I love men and women, but to me, women are different. They’re softer and rounder and more romantic. They’ve got boobs! There’s something about having sex with a woman that really gets me off.” While Terry is the consummate girl-next-door, Gianna is often the dominating bitch with girls. There were no pillow fights when Terry tangled with her. big-natural-babes-gianna-michaels-and-terry-nova-in-paradise02 big-natural-babes-gianna-michaels-and-terry-nova-in-paradise3 big-natural-babes-gianna-michaels-and-terry-nova-in-paradise04 big-natural-babes-gianna-michaels-and-terry-nova-in-paradise05 big-natural-babes-gianna-michaels-and-terry-nova-in-paradise06 big-natural-babes-gianna-michaels-and-terry-nova-in-paradise07 big-natural-babes-gianna-michaels-and-terry-nova-in-paradise08 big-natural-babes-gianna-michaels-and-terry-nova-in-paradise09 big-natural-babes-gianna-michaels-and-terry-nova-in-paradise10 big-natural-babes-gianna-michaels-and-terry-nova-in-paradise11 big-natural-babes-gianna-michaels-and-terry-nova-in-paradise12 big-natural-babes-gianna-michaels-and-terry-nova-in-paradise13 big-natural-babes-gianna-michaels-and-terry-nova-in-paradise14 big-natural-babes-gianna-michaels-and-terry-nova-in-paradise15 big-natural-babes-gianna-michaels-and-terry-nova-in-paradise16

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