Breast-fest in bed with Maserati


To be woken up by a super-busty babe, with or without breakfast, and get himself a huge-boobed wake-up call to satisfy his morning wood. It’s every breast-man’s desire. His deepest wish. His ultimate goal. Such is the case brought to bouncing reality when one man is served “Breastfest In Bed” by one of the bustiest girls SCORE and Voluptuous has the pleasure of training their cameras on: Maserati! Imagine our surprise and joy when Maserati rack-attacked us again and we saw that her tits had grown even bigger than last time when she starred in SCOREtv Holiday Edition 2011 at SCORELAND (she has a nice singing voice). Maserati is a walking busty wet dream when she appears to awaken Mr. Champ with a tray loaded with bananas, whipped cream, strawberries, and those giant brown hooters so meant to suck and fuck before plunging into her succulent wet pussy. Maserati in the morning is the breakfast and the breastfest of champions. breast-fest-in-bed-with-maserati02 breast-fest-in-bed-with-maserati03 breast-fest-in-bed-with-maserati04 breast-fest-in-bed-with-maserati05 breast-fest-in-bed-with-maserati06 breast-fest-in-bed-with-maserati07 breast-fest-in-bed-with-maserati08 breast-fest-in-bed-with-maserati09 breast-fest-in-bed-with-maserati10 breast-fest-in-bed-with-maserati11 breast-fest-in-bed-with-maserati12 breast-fest-in-bed-with-maserati13 breast-fest-in-bed-with-maserati14 breast-fest-in-bed-with-maserati15 breast-fest-in-bed-with-maserati16 breast-fest-in-bed-with-maserati

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