Casca Akashova & Julianna Vega It’s All Thanks To You

Casca Akashova is just finishing up a session with her psychiatrist, Dr. Julianna Vega. She is happy about how much her life has changed due to these therapy sessions. Julianna helped Casca to realize her true self as a lesbian, helped her deal with her divorce, helped her with the stresses of starting over, and now she’s on a new life path out and happy. It’s all thanks to Julianna!Casca expresses her admiration for Julianna, eventually admitting that she has also fallen in love with her. Casca adds that she understands if Julianna doesn’t feel the same way, but she just had to tell her. No more living in the closet about her feelings!Julianna sits in silence for a moment and then answers that she can’t be her psychiatrist anymore, which shocks Casca. But then Julianna quickly rephrases to explain that what she MEANT was that she has feelings for Casca as well, but cannot act on those feelings while being her psychiatrist. So, it’s time for them to start a whole new relationship together! With their feelings out in the open, the two women begin to remove their clothes and explore each other, touching and kissing passionately…

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