Christy Marks wet and buffed

Christy Marks could make a lotta money charging admission to see her wash cars in T-shirts. We know a few editors at the SCORE Group who would buy a season’s pass to that show! Christy is in three SCORELAND contests this year and her rankings in them should be no surprise–very high! On the other side of the dice, you can never predict an outcome. Last year, Christy said “I’m not exactly sure how much my doing hardcore and the release of those videos had to do with the vote. I’m sure it played a part in it, but I have no idea as to how big or small a part that may have been.” As you know, Christy is a very active girl. But sometimes she worries us. She was boxing with friends and wrote about it in her blog on her site. “I put on the gloves and got ready. I told him not to take it easy on me because I wasn’t going to take it easy on him. I don’t know why I said that because he ended up giving me a fucking black eye by accident! I was trying to dodge a punch and wham! I got socked right in the eye. Well, that was all it took and then I beat the crap out of him.

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