Christy Marks’s knockers tangled in knots


Christy wants to lure you into her web of seduction and sexiness, so she waits, patiently, for you to get snared. Of course it helps that she lays a trap that no one could resist. That’s right…she waits for you, tits out and nipples ready to be sucked and pulled. And as if that wasn’t enough, flexible Christy actually gets tangled in the ropes so that she can position her pussy closer to your waiting mouth, fingers and cock. Seeing her suspended and spread-eagle is like going to one of those fancy circuses where they do all sorts of aerial stunts. Except, when Christy is up in the air, we are sure that your Oohs and Aahs are more from beating your meat than amazement at her feats of acrobatics.  christy-markss-knockers-tangled-in-knots02 christy-markss-knockers-tangled-in-knots03 christy-markss-knockers-tangled-in-knots04 christy-markss-knockers-tangled-in-knots05 christy-markss-knockers-tangled-in-knots06 christy-markss-knockers-tangled-in-knots07 christy-markss-knockers-tangled-in-knots08 christy-markss-knockers-tangled-in-knots09 christy-markss-knockers-tangled-in-knots10 christy-markss-knockers-tangled-in-knots11 christy-markss-knockers-tangled-in-knots12 christy-markss-knockers-tangled-in-knots13 christy-markss-knockers-tangled-in-knots14 christy-markss-knockers-tangled-in-knots15 christy-markss-knockers-tangled-in-knots16 christy-markss-knockers-tangled-in-knots


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