Cindy Cupps and Crystal Gunns bosom buddies

This is something that guys who love Cindy and Crystal have been dreaming of for years, seven years, in fact, give or take a few months. Cindy and Crystal are long-time friends and have remained close even though they’re geographically separated by over a thousand miles. It was Cindy who brought Crystal to SCORE’s attention. And for years, we’ve asked them to consider getting much closer than slumber-party mates. Cindy, as you know, once did a girl-girl with Kandi Cox in a nurse-patient setting and she paired off with Summer Sinn, (a very well-stacked pairing, at that) too, so she was never against doing girl-girl scenes. But it was still surprising when finally, unexpectedly, they both said, “We’re ready.” It seems only fitting that this is their big send-off since both Crystal and Cindy have recently retired from modeling and dancing. It was a great run and they’ll be sorely missed. “It was kinda strange to be licking one of my best friend’s tits and eating her pussy,” Crystal said. “But after a few minutes, I got into it.” Both girls had entertained horny thoughts of fucking each other with strap-ons. Then they decided to go for it. 
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