Ebony teen Rachel Raxxx in a little bikini


The amazing Rachel Raxxx. Only eighteen with 30JJ naturals. Making men boob drunk and sending them down for the count. All that attention she gets. Does young Miss Raxxx like it? “Part of me does,” said Rachel (November ’16 Voluptuous magazine). “The sexual side, the seductive side. Sometimes when I go out in public and people see me, they stare. Some people will even laugh. When I go to the beach, everybody’s eyes are on me because you don’t see a petite girl with J’s every day.” Going to the beach wouldn’t work even if Rachel went with SCORE to Miami’s famous nude beach, Haulover. There would be a crowd scene. ebony-teen-rachel-raxxx-in-a-little-bikini02 ebony-teen-rachel-raxxx-in-a-little-bikini03 ebony-teen-rachel-raxxx-in-a-little-bikini04 ebony-teen-rachel-raxxx-in-a-little-bikini05 ebony-teen-rachel-raxxx-in-a-little-bikini06 ebony-teen-rachel-raxxx-in-a-little-bikini07 ebony-teen-rachel-raxxx-in-a-little-bikini08 ebony-teen-rachel-raxxx-in-a-little-bikini09 ebony-teen-rachel-raxxx-in-a-little-bikini10 ebony-teen-rachel-raxxx-in-a-little-bikini11 ebony-teen-rachel-raxxx-in-a-little-bikini12 ebony-teen-rachel-raxxx-in-a-little-bikini13 ebony-teen-rachel-raxxx-in-a-little-bikini14 ebony-teen-rachel-raxxx-in-a-little-bikini15 ebony-teen-rachel-raxxx-in-a-little-bikini16 ebony-teen-rachel-raxxx-in-a-little-bikini

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