Hot latina babe Kim Velez got big areolas

Kim Velez is the pretty girl-next-door everyone wishes they had as a next-door neighbor.
Here Kim wears a sexy red dress and red shoes, the kind of outfit Kim would wear on a date. The video is captioned in English. Kim asks if we like her big tits and if we want to see her body. That’s a rhetorical question. She rubs and squeezes her tits as she slowly drops the dress, teasing and giggling, sinking her fingers into her ass. She’s a playful girl and likes to create horny anticipation.
She licks a finger and rubs it on a nipple. Kim doesn’t simply take off her dress. She plays with it, wraps it around her boobs and sucks on her nipples. Down to her white bra and panties, Kim pulls her panties up to make a camel toe. She shakes her tits in her bra, using the bra as a sling. The contrast between her skin and her tawny areolas is striking.
Kim is jiggling and shaking her breasts hands-free when the video switches to slow motion. Watching her breast motion slowed down is hypnotic.

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