Maserati helps a white girl to fuck a BBC


It’s never a good idea to be on the bad side of Maserati XXX. Lexi is feeling major peer pressure and Maserati is full of bad intentions. What better way to fuck with a white girl than to take her to a gloryhole that’s known to contain anonymous black cock? Maserati is merely an evil spectator in this fiasco as Lexi Kartel is served up a double helping of anonymous black cock. Maserati takes pictures with her cell phone and pushes down on Lexi’s head. The devil in Maserati won;t be satisfied until Lexi goes RAW on thoese black cocks! Lexi Kartel bends over and gets her womb full of chocolaty goodness as her bff cheers her on. The last demand of Maserati is that her snow bunny buddy gets cream pied and, well, Lexi obliges. It’s obvious Maserati will be the godmother of Lexi’s black baby since she was instrumental in its conception. maserati-helps-a-white-girl-to-fuck-a-bbc02 maserati-helps-a-white-girl-to-fuck-a-bbc03 maserati-helps-a-white-girl-to-fuck-a-bbc04 maserati-helps-a-white-girl-to-fuck-a-bbc05 maserati-helps-a-white-girl-to-fuck-a-bbc06 maserati-helps-a-white-girl-to-fuck-a-bbc07 maserati-helps-a-white-girl-to-fuck-a-bbc08 maserati-helps-a-white-girl-to-fuck-a-bbc09 maserati-helps-a-white-girl-to-fuck-a-bbc10 maserati-helps-a-white-girl-to-fuck-a-bbc11 maserati-helps-a-white-girl-to-fuck-a-bbc12 maserati-helps-a-white-girl-to-fuck-a-bbc13 maserati-helps-a-white-girl-to-fuck-a-bbc14 maserati-helps-a-white-girl-to-fuck-a-bbc15
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