Maserati in white skirt and tiny bikini


Another busty model who met Maserati at the SCORE studio a couple of years ago said, “I remember the first time I came and I met Maserati there and she was doing special projects and autographing stuff and I knew then that was what I wanted to do.” So Maserati is also an inspiration to other girls. When Maserati debuted, K.S. wrote “Maserati is a sensational find. One of the hottest– if not the hottest–woman of color The SCORE Group has ever featured. As soon as I saw her debut photos, I dropped my pants and stroked out a fat load for her and, as someone who’s barely missed an issue of SCORE or V-Mag in 14 years, I can tell you that’s a rarity. Those torpedo-shaped tits capped with thick, rubbery teats that could take a man’s eye out and the rest of her ain’t bad either! She’s an absolutely jaw-dropping, load-blowing phenomenon.” A reader named Brad commented, “It seems weird, but as much as I love seeing Maserati fuck, I’d love to see her in more solo scenes. Obviously this goddess looks amazing in hardcore, but she’s so perfect, I want to worship her solo as well!” It’s not weird at all. It’s about enjoying every inch of a busty supervixen without a dude’s dangle blocking all of the heavenly sights a woman has to offer. A guy who loves both solos and hardcore gets the best of both worlds with Maserati and we do mean the best. Maserati is more than a model, she is a force of nature. maserati-in-white-skirt-and-tiny-bikini02 maserati-in-white-skirt-and-tiny-bikini03 maserati-in-white-skirt-and-tiny-bikini05 maserati-in-white-skirt-and-tiny-bikini04 maserati-in-white-skirt-and-tiny-bikini06 maserati-in-white-skirt-and-tiny-bikini07 maserati-in-white-skirt-and-tiny-bikini08 maserati-in-white-skirt-and-tiny-bikini10 maserati-in-white-skirt-and-tiny-bikini11 maserati-in-white-skirt-and-tiny-bikini12 maserati-in-white-skirt-and-tiny-bikini13 maserati-in-white-skirt-and-tiny-bikini14 maserati-in-white-skirt-and-tiny-bikini15 maserati-in-white-skirt-and-tiny-bikini16 maserati-in-white-skirt-and-tiny-bikini

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