Roxi Red is hot, fix her A/C

Roxi Red is ready to enter a wet tank-top contest. The A/C has broken down and she’s using a tiny fan to try to cool off. Enter the A/C serviceman. Why, it’s her SCORELAND fuck-buddy JMac. That A/C is never going to get fixed now. JMac makes his service call but forgets all about the busted unit when he sees Roxi again. He’d rather put his big tool to use in Roxi’s blower and between her big front grills. Roxi forgets how hot she was because she’s feeling a different kind of heat now, a heat that goes down to her toes. Roxi will be cooling down her jumbo jets soon enough. As soon as JMac fully services his customer, pounding her in a variety of positions from the A/C repair manual, including a pile driver on the floor. 

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