Shelby Gibson tight tops for tasty tatas

Shelby Gibson (March ’15 SCORE magazine) is one of the latest big-boobed wives married to SCORE readers who decided to model. Red Vixen, another SCORE reader’s wife just debuted a few weeks ago. We love this trend and hope it escalates! In this pictorial and video, Shelby tries on tight tops and then spanks herself. (Her voice is very sexy.) Imagine coming home to this sight. This is the meaning of life. We talked to Shelby and her hub. SCORE: Did Shelby suggest the idea of her posing or was it your initial idea? The Gibsons: Definitely my initial idea. She always wanted to pose for an adult site but didn’t think that she was hot enough. But I encouraged her and she finally agreed to let me send in some of her pics. She couldn’t believe it when SCORE was enthusiastically interested in her. SCORE: Did you read about wives modeling for SCORE (Kelly Christiansen, Jayden Prescott)? Was that influential at all? The Gibsons: Definitely yes and it was very influential. 

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