Stranded Roxi Red dressed in skimpy tight outfit gets picked up

Roxi Red needs a lift home. She also needs a full-time bodyguard, judging from the way she looks, but that’s another story. Walking on a deserted road, Roxi thumbs it, a vision of unreality, but Roxi is real, totally real, one of the biggest-breasted women in the world!
A presidential convoy would stop for Roxi but Brad beat everyone to it and offers to drive Roxi to his place so she can call for a ride to her house. Roxi’s heard this line before, but she’s game for some cock so they drive off.
They’re not big on small talk and seduction. Brad makes a beeline for Roxi’s gigantic tits as soon as they walk into his place. Each boob is three times as big as his head! Roxi makes his cock disappear with the greatest of ease. Watch Full Scene at XL Girls

Watch Full Scene at XL Girls

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