The Blazing Twin Cannons of Casey James

“I was a total dork in junior high and high school,” Casey James remembered. “Looking back, it was funny that I was always in little skintight shirts and dresses. The more I could show my tits off, the better off I felt. I’m still showing them off. I enjoy it.” When Casey and friends such as Tawny Peaks and Europe DiChan went on tour, they created huge excitement just walking through an airport. Despite their super-sized boobs, Casey and friends were very athletic and could do stage moves and flips that had the audiences foaming at the mouth. People didn’t realize they were trained dancers who practiced constantly and spent a considerable amount of money on costumes and props. There’s no one like them now on the nightclub circuit anymore. Some of them have their shows preserved in Boob Cruise videos, Casey among them.

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