Voluptuous blonde Gaynor raw and hot

Gaynor was one of the best-known and best-looking BBWs in the porn world before plump babes were accepted by the adult industry in general. She appeared as a Plumper of the Month in January 1997 Voluptuous. After XL Girls magazine was launched, Gaynor’s pictures were published in SP#29. At the time, big girls like Gaynor were considered super-niche by most porn producers–a niche of a niche. That’s not the case today, 20 years later. XL Girls was in the forefront of this recognition. Gaynor was one of the busiest British porn stars of the 1990s with many hardcore titles to her credit. She lived in the USA for a time when she was shooting porn in Los Angeles. During her modeling years, Gaynor was given several different aliases–such as Diana, Nicole40JJ and Cindy–a common practice employed by many studios and editors across the board with models of every category. She once said that her favorite sexual act is giving tit-fucks and her favorite sexual position is doggie.

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