Young & Stacked Kim Velez got huge areolas

Sexy, young, pretty and stacked Kim Velez has all the goodies a man could ever want in a girl. We’ve added English captions to this video (she has a sweet voice) but you may have a difficult time reading them. Your eyes will be drinking in Kim and what she does. The orgasmic moaning when Kim is cumming needs no captioning.
Kim’s breasts are especially beautiful. Her impressive areolae are dark and large. Part of this scene was shot for boob slow motion. We see Kim bounce and shake them, sometimes with her hands, other times hands-free. Kim can suck on her nipples, which she does when she lies back, spreads and spanks her pussy later in the show.

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  1. S.M. says:

    Let’s call Kim Velez,young,cute and stacked! One of the cutest modeling today for SCORELAND.Kim straight outta Columbia,south America.Super cute face,fluffy soft looking boobs with a well defined puffy areolae,with a fuckable slender body frame, topped off with a delicious looking smooth clean shaven pussy.All that sounds like a winner to me.

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