Autumn-Jade wet at the pool


It’s another day in paradise, and that sun is hot, baby! So let’s get cool in the pool with our favorite splash toy. We mean of course Miss Autumn-Jade, who’s all greased up and ready to do a few laps with us. Of course, first she’ll have to jump in with her shirt on, just so it can get all wet and clingy on those bountiful boobs and cock-bending curves of hers. And then she’ll have to flash us some booty before she strips down for a little well-oiled sun worshiping. We can’t think of a better place to take a dip than Autumn’s perpetually lubricated snatch, but we admit the water looks fine. Autumn thinks so too, and lets us know in no uncertain terms. “Hey, handsome. Just don’t stand there with your boner waving. Come on in!” autumn-jade-wet-at-the-pool02 autumn-jade-wet-at-the-pool03 autumn-jade-wet-at-the-pool04 autumn-jade-wet-at-the-pool05 autumn-jade-wet-at-the-pool06 autumn-jade-wet-at-the-pool07 autumn-jade-wet-at-the-pool08 autumn-jade-wet-at-the-pool09 autumn-jade-wet-at-the-pool10 autumn-jade-wet-at-the-pool11 autumn-jade-wet-at-the-pool12 autumn-jade-wet-at-the-pool13 autumn-jade-wet-at-the-pool14 autumn-jade-wet-at-the-pool15 autumn-jade-wet-at-the-pool16 autumn-jade-wet-at-the-pool17

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