Big-Boobed Beauty of the 1990s Dakota Kelly

Dakota Kelly has an IQ of 163 and was admitted to MENSA in 1994. The only qualification for membership is a score in the top 2% of the general population on a standardized intelligence test. Maybe it should be called WOMENSA. (Mensa is Latin for table as in a “round-table” society.) The same year she was admitted to MENSA, she wrote the book “Drive Your Women Wild in Bed: A Lover’s Guide to Sex and Romance” under the name Stacey Keith. In 2013, she wrote her thorns-and-all autobiography “Stripped Down” covering her life from 19 to 22 years old. Dakota began her exotic dancer career in Houston at the Men’s Club. She had her highs and lows, among them a very bad experience shooting for Penthouse and a nightmarish time working for big-bust specialist Russ Meyer. A famous actor (named in the book) tried to rape her at the Playboy mansion. Jealous dancers gave her a difficult time of it. Touring with Trinity Loren and Trinity’s shady lawyer-manager turned into a horror show.

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