Gianna Michaels sucking on some BBC through a hole


The legendary Gianna Michaels hasn’t truly achieved super whoredom…..yet. The glory hole is the true test of a whore’s will to go above and beyond what’s considered “normal”. The mere face that she’s willing to suck off an anonymous black cock puts her ahead of most but talk is cheap. Gianna puts her money where her black dick sucking mouth is. First, she has to let her sweater puppies out to breathe. Those gigantic tits get rubbed by her freshly manicured hands and they soon work their way down south to finger fuck that pink taco. Now, it’s time for that black monster to come through and her mouth is watering from excitement. Gianna Michaels aka the Tits Of Wrath gets on her knees and takes all the black cock she can right down her windpipe. She takes ample care of his mighty black sword and her tongue soon goes dry from all the licking and slurping. Gianna Michaels gets a mouthful of black seed showing that she’s ¬†serious about being a black cock goddess.¬†gianna-michaels-sucking-on-some-bbc-through-a-hole03 gianna-michaels-sucking-on-some-bbc-through-a-hole05 gianna-michaels-sucking-on-some-bbc-through-a-hole07 gianna-michaels-sucking-on-some-bbc-through-a-hole09 gianna-michaels-sucking-on-some-bbc-through-a-hole11 gianna-michaels-sucking-on-some-bbc-through-a-hole13 gianna-michaels-sucking-on-some-bbc-through-a-hole15 gianna-michaels-sucking-on-some-bbc-through-a-hole17 18 gianna-michaels-sucking-on-some-bbc-through-a-hole19 20 gianna-michaels-sucking-on-some-bbc-through-a-hole21 gianna-michaels-sucking-on-some-bbc-through-a-hole23 gianna-michaels-sucking-on-some-bbc-through-a-hole25 gianna-michaels-sucking-on-some-bbc-through-a-hole27

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