Isis Haze in a see through-dress playing with an ice cube

Isis Haze once again shows why guys nurse a beer at the Silk Exotic club in Juneau, Wisconsin and stare slack-jawed at her as the slim-n-stacked brunette gyrates her hips, shakes her titties and licks her lips. “I like to do a lot of tittie things when I’m on stage. I’ll lay on stage and push my tits together. I’ll get on my hands and knees and dangle and slowly swing my tits. I’ll clap them together. Tits are great things to have. I always like to see myself in the magazine. I’d never been in one before. Your friend came into the club and talked me into it. It’s cool to know that the guys are picking up a copy at the store and enjoying all of our pictures and interviews.

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