Sexy housewife Peta Jensen gets fucked hard in the kitchen


The bored, sexy housewife Peta Jensen is tired of her husband, Bill Bailey, and his inability to follow through with what he says. She gets dripping wet at the thought of him fucking her pussy raw. Peta’s just craving to be bent over the kitchen table and fucked nice and rough. But will her husband be able to give her what she wants? sexy-housewife-peta-jensen-gets-fucked-hard-n-the-kitchen07 sexy-housewife-peta-jensen-gets-fucked-hard-n-the-kitchen12 sexy-housewife-peta-jensen-gets-fucked-hard-n-the-kitchen04 sexy-housewife-peta-jensen-gets-fucked-hard-n-the-kitchen13 sexy-housewife-peta-jensen-gets-fucked-hard-n-the-kitchen14

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