Sexy Venera in pink dress try out some lingerie


Venera is a girl who looks killer in anything she wears but she goes the extra step and loves the sexy-doll look. Here she tries on a tight, see-through pink mini-dress that clings to her beautiful, trim body like plastic wrap. She changes into lingerie, a pink babydoll nightie, then a black, see-through number that shows lots of supple skin. Venera then models a tight, white dress that’s very low-cut and offers major cleavage. A pink bikini is next (pink seems to be Venera’s favorite color), followed by a tight, pink top. Venera tries on a garter belt, then gets totally nude, leaving her high heels on and climbs into bed and opens herself to your inspection! She was made to wear the sexiest clothes and there’s no doubt that wherever Venera goes, everyone’s eyes are all over her! sexy-venera-in-pink-dress-try-out-some-lingerie02 sexy-venera-in-pink-dress-try-out-some-lingerie03 sexy-venera-in-pink-dress-try-out-some-lingerie04 sexy-venera-in-pink-dress-try-out-some-lingerie05 sexy-venera-in-pink-dress-try-out-some-lingerie06 sexy-venera-in-pink-dress-try-out-some-lingerie07 sexy-venera-in-pink-dress-try-out-some-lingerie08 sexy-venera-in-pink-dress-try-out-some-lingerie09 sexy-venera-in-pink-dress-try-out-some-lingerie10 sexy-venera-in-pink-dress-try-out-some-lingerie11 sexy-venera-in-pink-dress-try-out-some-lingerie12 sexy-venera-in-pink-dress-try-out-some-lingerie13 sexy-venera-in-pink-dress-try-out-some-lingerie14 sexy-venera-in-pink-dress-try-out-some-lingerie15 sexy-venera-in-pink-dress-try-out-some-lingerie16 sexy-venera-in-pink-dress-try-out-some-lingerie


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