Lilli Xene huge melons in skimpy 90’s dress

Many of today’s models would do well to study Lilli Xene’s very sexy moves and the hot ways she plays with sex toys in her videos. They could learn a lot. Xene means “foreigner.” It’s a Greek word. Lili is half-Welsh and half-German and all-American, born in California. As a feature dancer, Lilli credited her fans for their support and for making her as popular as she was during her peak years in the 1990s, often called the “Golden Age” of the big-boobed feature strippers. You know the names. An era missed by many who lived it, went to the clubs, bought the magazines and the tapes. Lilli traveled alone to her club bookings and did 15 themed shows that included boiling wax and fire shows. No “#1 fan” or boyfriend or husband accompanied her on her club treks. “I don’t have anybody,” she told an editor in 1996.

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